Bundle pluriStrainer® Mini 70 µm and Flow Cytometry Tubes

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Bundle pluriStrainer® Mini 70 µm 500 pcs and Flow Cytometry Tubes (PS)

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Bundle includes sterile pluriStrainers Mini with 70 µm mesh and sterile 5 ml polystyrene (PS) tubes (12x75mm). The combination of a flow cytometry tube and cell strainer offers a convenient way to prepare laboratory samples for flow cytometry analysis. A 70 µm polyethylenterephthalat (PET) mesh is incorporated into the housing of the pluriStrainer Mini 70 µm. The polystyrene round-bottom tubes are closed with a cap. Tubes and the mini cell strainers will be delivered in separte bags with 25 pcs. each.

More Information

More Information
Mesh Size70 µm
Housing MaterialLD-PE (Low Density Polyethylen)
Packaging25 pcs. / Bag
Storage ConditionRoom Temperature