pluristrainer cell strainer 1 µm
1 µm
pluristrainer cell strainer 5 µm
5 µm
pluristrainer cell strainer 10 µm
10 µm
pluristrainer cell strainer 15 µm
15 µm
pluristrainer cell strainer 20 µm
20 µm
pluristrainer cell strainer 30 µm
30 µm
pluristrainer cell strainer 40 µm
40 µm
pluristrainer cell strainer 50 µm
50 µm
pluristrainer cell strainer 60 µm
60 µm
pluristrainer cell strainer 70 µm
70 µm
pluristrainer cell strainer 85 µm
85 µm
pluristrainer cell strainer 100 µm
100 µm
pluristrainer cell strainer 150 µm
150 µm
pluristrainer cell strainer 200 µm
200 µm
pluristrainer cell strainer 300 µm
300 µm
pluristrainer cell strainer 400 µm
400 µm
pluristrainer cell strainer 500 µm
500 µm
pluristrainer cell strainer 750 µm
750 µm
pluristrainer cell strainer 1000 µm
1000 µm
Connector Ring

Cell Strainer

pluriSelect® offers a large variety of cell strainers serving nearly every need.

pluriStrainer® are one of the best cell strainers on the market with many additional features, missed in most comparable basic cell strainers like Falcon™ or EASYstrainer™. Furthermore multiple mesh sizes are only available here, giving the option to find a wide range of application areas. It is the best choise for an affordable cell strainer system with flow control (in combination with Connector Ring).

pluriStrainer® Mini are the most flexible small cell strainer fitting in nearly any reaction tube (15 ml to 1.5ml, 24 / 48 well plates).

The multi-purpose ÜberStrainer completes the broad spectrum of cell strainer.

Mini Strainer
The Mini Strainer have been optimized for small sample volumes. Its unique design allows fitting on a wide variation of tubes, e.g. 1.5 ml /2.0 ml reaction tubes, 15 ml conical centrifuge tubes, 24 well plate and 48 well plate.
The pluriStrainer is a sterile sieving device to obtain real single cell suspensions or to remove cell aggregates. It fits into any 50 ml centrifuge (conical) tube and comes with many features.
Überstrainer is a sample preparation device that expands the use of mesh tools to increase selection, separation and isolation. Its modular design gives it versatility and a range of functionality.
Syringe Strainer
The strainer can be connected to a syringe or a tube via the screw cap with a Luer-Lock adaptor which works under positive or negative pressure.
Membrane Strainer
Membrane filters have a well-defined pore size exclusion limit (available with 1, 3, 5 & 8 μm pores), allowing for precise filtration and detection of very small particles.
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  1. pluriStrainer® 1 µm (Cell Strainer)
    pluriStrainer® 1 µm (Cell Strainer)
  2. pluriStrainer® 5 µm (Cell Strainer)
    pluriStrainer® 5 µm (Cell Strainer)
  3. pluriStrainer® 10 µm (Cell Strainer)
    pluriStrainer® 10 µm (Cell Strainer)
  4. pluriStrainer® 15 µm (Cell Strainer)
    pluriStrainer® 15 µm (Cell Strainer)
  5. pluriStrainer® 20 µm (Cell Strainer)
    pluriStrainer® 20 µm (Cell Strainer)
  6. pluriStrainer® S / 30 µm (Cell Strainer)
    pluriStrainer® S / 30 µm (Cell Strainer)
  7. pluriStrainer® 40 µm (Cell Strainer)
    pluriStrainer® 40 µm (Cell Strainer)
  8. pluriStrainer® 50 µm (Cell Strainer)
    pluriStrainer® 50 µm (Cell Strainer)
  9. pluriStrainer® M / 60 µm (Cell Strainer)
    pluriStrainer® M / 60 µm (Cell Strainer)
  10. pluriStrainer® 70 µm (Cell Strainer)
    pluriStrainer® 70 µm (Cell Strainer)
  11. pluriStrainer® 85 µm (Cell Strainer)
    pluriStrainer® 85 µm (Cell Strainer)
  12. pluriStrainer® 100 µm (Cell Strainer)
    pluriStrainer® 100 µm (Cell Strainer)
  13. pluriStrainer® 150 µm (Cell Strainer)
    pluriStrainer® 150 µm (Cell Strainer)
  14. pluriStrainer® 200 µm (Cell Strainer)
    pluriStrainer® 200 µm (Cell Strainer)
  15. pluriStrainer® 300 µm (Cell Strainer)
    pluriStrainer® 300 µm (Cell Strainer)
  16. pluriStrainer® 400 µm (Cell Strainer)
    pluriStrainer® 400 µm (Cell Strainer)
  17. pluriStrainer® 500 µm (Cell Strainer)
    pluriStrainer® 500 µm (Cell Strainer)
  18. pluriStrainer® 750 µm (Cell Strainer)
    pluriStrainer® 750 µm (Cell Strainer)
  19. pluriStrainer® 1000 µm (Cell Strainer)
    pluriStrainer® 1000 µm (Cell Strainer)
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