pluriStrainer Mini 3 µm (membrane, 5 pcs.)

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Multi-purpose membrane strainer for use with smaller tube sizes.
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Membrane Filter

Membrane filters have a well-defined pore size exclusion limit (available with 1, 3, 5 & 8 μm pores), allowing for precise filtration and detection of very small particles.

The membranes are non-hygroscopic (optimal for sample recovery), have low non-specific protein binding (reduces sample loss in protein-containing samples), are biologically inert, non-cytotoxic, and have excellent chemical and temperature resistance.

The membrane filters can be used for example in biological or gravimetric analysis, cytology, parasitology or in environmental analyzes.

Sterilizeable: Yes, 70% Ethanol, Autoclave, Gamma Irradiation


Fits into multiple tube sizes

pluriStrainer Mini cell strainer fits into various tube sizes

Left to right: 15 ml conical centrifuge tubes, blood collecting tube, flow cytometry (FACS™) tube, 3 ml tube, 2 ml cryo tube, 5 ml conical tube screw cap, 5 ml reaction tube snap cap, 2 ml reaction tube, 1.5 reaction tube, 48 well plate, 24 well plate


  • Obtaining a real single cell suspension after digestion of mammary tissue and organoids
  • Preparation of a single cell suspension of blood cells from bone marrow, pancreas, thymus, lymph nodes and others
  • Dissociation of cells from other primary tissue
  • Preparation of real single cell suspension for flow cytometry(FACS™)

Plus d'informations

Plus d'informations
Délai de livraison1-2
Taille des mailles3 µm
Emballage5 pcs. (5 pcs. / Bag) - The tube for flow cytometry is not included.
Taille5 pcs.
Contrôle des fluxNo
Mesh FixationInjected in housing for strong hold
Tissu de la matièrePET (polyéthylène téréphtalate)
Matériau du boîtierPP (Polypropylène)
Mesh Typewoven
S'inscrit dans1.5 ml reaction tube 2.0 ml reaction tube FACS™ tube Cryo vials 5 ml / 10 ml reaction tube with lid 5 ml / 10 ml reaction tube with screw cap 14- 15 ml conical centrifuge tube 24 well plate 48 well plate
TraitementGripping surface enables easy and aseptic handling.
Comparable àCorning Cell Strainer EASYstrainer™ Cell Sieve Falcon™ Cell Strainer Reversible™ Strainer MACS® SmartStrainer MACS® Pre-Separation Filters
StabilitéRLT® Buffer TRIzol® isopropanol organic solvents
Dissociation des tissusYes
Conditions d'expéditionRoom temperature
Les conditions de stockageRoom temperature
Déclaration réglementaireFor research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures
Informations juridiquesBuffer RLT® is a trademark of Qiagen TRIzol® is a trademark of Molecular Research Center Inc. FACS™ is a trademark of BD Biosciences Corning is a registered trademark of Corning Inc.; EASYstrainer™ is a registered trademark of Greiner Bio One International GmbH Falcon™ Cell Strainers is a registered trademark of Corning Inc.; MACS® SmartStrainer is a registered trademark of Miltenyi Biotec GmbH