Tag : cell separation

The pluriSelect technology, pluriSpin, is based on the specific depletion of cells with the help of plastic (polystyrene) beads coated with antibodies in combination with a density gradient centrifugation (Leuko Spin Media, Ficoll®, Leucoprep®, Biocoll® ect). Target cells bind to the surface of the pluriSpin beads. During the density gradient centrifugation the pluriSpin beads will go through the gradient and will pull the “unwanted” cells with them. 

There is no need for sample preparation (e.g. density gradient) or centrifugation. pluriSpin can be used cooled or at room temperature. Cell separation with pluriSpin is very fast isolation method for untouched cells. You can isolate more than 5 targets from one sample. The technology can be combined with other available systems, such as magnetic cell isolation technology. pluriSpin Beads and density gradient media is all you need for the cell separation. Thus, no extra tools are needed and no extra costs arise.

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