pluristrainer cell strainer 1 µm
1 µm
pluristrainer cell strainer 5 µm
5 µm
pluristrainer cell strainer 10 µm
10 µm
pluristrainer cell strainer 15 µm
15 µm
pluristrainer cell strainer 20 µm
20 µm
pluristrainer cell strainer 30 µm
30 µm
pluristrainer cell strainer 40 µm
40 µm
pluristrainer cell strainer 50 µm
50 µm
pluristrainer cell strainer 60 µm
60 µm
pluristrainer cell strainer 70 µm
70 µm
pluristrainer cell strainer 85 µm
85 µm
pluristrainer cell strainer 100 µm
100 µm
pluristrainer cell strainer 150 µm
150 µm
pluristrainer cell strainer 200 µm
200 µm
pluristrainer cell strainer 300 µm
300 µm
pluristrainer cell strainer 400 µm
400 µm
pluristrainer cell strainer 500 µm
500 µm
pluristrainer cell strainer 750 µm
750 µm
pluristrainer cell strainer 1000 µm
1000 µm
Connector Ring

pluriStrainer® 70 µm, 50 pcs. - non-sterile (Cell Strainer)

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Feature-rich sieving device for filtration and purification of sample material and other biological liquids.
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This product is available in other variations here. (25 pcs., sterile, PET-mesh, 50 pcs., sterile, PET-mesh, 25 pcs., sterile, nylon-mesh, 50 pcs., sterile, nylon-mesh, 50 pcs., non-sterile, nylon-mesh)

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Strainer - Non-sterile separation device for use without pluriBead® suspension. Applicable as sieve for cell aggregates or to separate larger cells from smaller cells in a sample (e.g. fat cells from MNCs). Mesh size =70 µm; Mesh Material = PE.


pluriStrainer cell strainer

Attach pluriStrainer® to a sterile 50 mL centrifuge tube. Then, add sample material onto the strainer and filter sample

pluriStrainer cell strainer reversed

To obtain the larger fraction, take off the pluriStrainer®, turn it upside down onto another 50 mL tube and flush back the sample from the pluriStrainer®.

pluriStrainer cell strainer

Increase sample load
With Funnel You can add up to 24 mL sample material on top.

pluriStrainer cell strainer

Stacking of pluriStrainer® with different mesh sizes allows for straining various cell sizes at the same time.

pluriStrainer cell strainer with connector ring

Flow control
Allows to control the rate of flow by opening or closing the Luer-Lock, e.g. for physical dissociation of primary tissue (brain, spleen etc.).

pluriStrainer cell strainer with connector ring and syringe

Low pressure
If you add a syringe to the Connector Ring, it is possible to force low pressure to support the straining of rough sample material while pulling the piston.


  • Anreicherung von Einzellzellen nach enzymatischem Verdau oder physikalischem Aufschluss von Geweben oder Organoiden
  • Anreicherung von spezifischen Zellen mit unserer pluriBead Technologie
  • Gewinnung von Blutzellen aus Knochemark, Pankreas, Thymus oder Lymphknoten
  • Abtrennung von Koageln aus Vollblutproben oder Buffy Coat
  • Filtration und Isolierung von Primärzellen oder Zellen aus Zellkulturen
  • Reinigung und Anreicherung von Zellaggregaten oder Sphäroiden
  • Direkter Gewebeaufschluss auf dem pluriStrainer
  • Probenvorbereitung für die Durchflusszytometrie (FACS™)
  • Probenvorbereitung für die Anreicherung von Zellen mit magnetischen Zellseparationsverfahren
  • Alternative zur "gauze filtration"
  • Anreicherung von Pflanzensamen
  • Filtration von Urin, Sputum oder Spülflüssigkeiten (Lavage)
  • Anreicherung von Parasiteneiern

More Information

More Information
Delivery Time (days)1-2
Size50 pcs.
Flow ControlYes, in combination with Connecting Ring
Mesh Size70 µm
Mesh FixationInjected in housing for strong hold
Fabric materialPET (Polyethylenterephthalat)
Housing MaterialLD-PE (Low Density Polyethylen)
HandlingExtended lip on strainer enables aseptic handling
Packaging50 pcs. / Bag
Comparable withCorning Cell Strainer, EASYstrainer™ Cell sieve, Falcon™ cell strainer, Reversible Strainer, MACS® SmartStrainer
StabilityBuffer RLT®, TRIzol®, Isopropanol, organic solvent
Variation50 pcs., non-sterile, PET-mesh
Tissue DissociationYes
DisinfectableYes, with 70% ethanol
Area of interestImmunology, Cell Biology, Plant Biology, Microbiology, Oncology, Ecology
Shipping ConditionRoom Termperature
Storage ConditionRoom Temperature
Regulatory StatementFor research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures,
Legal informationBuffer RLT® is a trademark of Qiagen, TRIzol® is a trademark of Molecular Research Center, Inc., FACS™ is a trademark of BD Biosciences, Corning is a registered trademark of Corning, Inc.; EASYstrainer™ is a registered trademark of Greiner Bio One International GmbH, Falcon™ Cell Strainers is a registered trademark of Corning, Inc.; MACS® SmartStrainer is a registered trademark of Miltenyi Biotec GmbH

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