Density Diluent Medium

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Density Diluent Medium for the preparation of different density working solutions for the enrichment of cells, bacteria
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Density Diluent Medium is a ready to use, sterile medium for the preparation of different density working solutions for the enrichment of cells, bacteria and other particles. The working solutions can be prepared by the dilution of Density Diluent Medium with High Density Spin Medium.


Preparation of Common Densities

To create your own density solution High Density Spin Medium and Deniuent Medium has to be mixed in appropriate quantities. You can use the table below for this calculation.
Common Density (g/ml) Volume (ml) Cell Types Volume of High Density Spin Medium (ml) Volume of Density Diluent Medium(ml)
1.069 100 Human Monocytes 15 85
1.077 100 Human PBMC 35 65
1.094 100 Human PMNC 77.5 22.5

Ensure that both solutions have the same temperature before mixing them. The High Density Spin Medium is highly viscous and needs to be pipetted very slowly. Alternativly it is possible to weigh out the releveant amounts of the media. The required mass will be calculated with the volume and the wanted density. Stir the mixture gently approximatly five minutes. Try to avoid air bubbles, otherwise you'll have to wait until the media is clear again before starting your experiment.

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