NEW: TwinSpin

Pre-filled centrifuge tubes

pluriSelect USA presents brand new separation tubes for
fast & reliable density gradient centrifugation.

TwinSpin - pre-filled separation tubes

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Cell Separation
Cell separation products for positive and negative isolation. Highly viable, pure and consistent results.
Cell Strainer
Cell Strainers for nearly every filtration need. Available in 15 mesh sizes and for all tube sizes.
Density Gradient Centrifugation
Density gradient media and tubes for granulocyte (PMN), PBMC or platelet isolation with consistent and viable results
Media & Buffer
Buffer for cell separation and cell culture, e.g. BSA-, EDTA-, PBS- stock solutions, Erytrocyte lysis buffer.

More than 10 Years Quality Made in Germany

Welcome to pluriSelect, your producer and worldwide supplier of products optimized for cell and protein separation for the research in the fields of immunology, basic science and diagnostics. Our main aim is to supply you with high quality products and best possible service, ensuring your experiments are free of hassle from the shopping experience to the finish of your experimental work.

We want to support your vision to contribute the challenging task of finding new therapies for autoimmune diseases such as rheumatic illnesses, arteriosclerosis and allergies, as well as simplifying the isolation of circulating tumor cells (CTC).