Clinical Studies with pluriBead®


pluriBead® allows for positive non-magnetic cell isolation from any sample material. The procedure is simple: Sieve the pluriBead® with bound target cells down a strainer; pluriBead® with your target cells stays on top, while the unwanted cells run through. After detaching, target cells are ready.

pluriBead® and clinical studies

When performing clinical studies or trials, sample material from your patients is rare. The ability to separate more than one cell type from the same complex sample enables a new variety of analysis for studies in clinical trials and clinical research.

Current methods for blood analysis are serviceable for immediate stabilization of the blood (PAXGene®), but analysis of single cell populations (magnetic cell sorting) is time and manpower consuming. A lot of important sample material is wasted.
Their shortcomings are numerous, but pluriBead® helps to overcome these deficits.

Current methods


Limitation of possible targets (no proteins, viruses or microorganisms) All types of targets, including proteins, viruses and microorganisms
Cost-intensive equipment, time-consuming procedure, high number of laboratory staff No extra tools (except a mixer and a centrifuge), fast procedure, minimal staff requirement
PAXGene® and Tempus™ Blood RNA  
Very fast, but only for global analysis Simple cell isolation within 10 - 30 minutes
Cells cannot be sorted after stabilization Flow-through can be used for further isolation steps
Small sample volume (2 ml whole blood per tube) Works with samples from 0.2 - 45 ml
Magnetic cell separation  
Only for one cell population, no separation of different cell types Different targets from one sample via differently sized catcher particles and strainers
Sample preparation needed Direct application in whole blood and other biological sera
Multiple steps (inclusive centrifugation) until stable RNA Lyse cells directly on the pluriStrainer®
No centrifugation steps requiered