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pluriBead® cell isolation

Direct targeting for precious sample

  • 1. Mixing

    pluriBead® is added to the sample material.

  • 2. Incubation

    Target cells bind to pluriBead®.

  • 3. Separation

    Unwanted cells are run through pluriStrainer® - cell strainer
    Bound target cells stay on top.

  • 4. Detachment

    Target cells are being detached from bead
    and run through a fresh sieve into collecting tube.

Isolated cells

Ready for further experiments like flow cytometry analysis.

Required Products

pluriBead® - Bead Suspension

Polystyrene spheres with catcher particles.
Available for several host species (e.g. Human, Mouse, Cow, Rat, Porcine)

pluriBead® Products

pluribead - positive cell separation
pluribead - positive cell separation kit

Reagent Kits

Contains all neccessary consumables for positive cell isolation with pluriBead®

Reagent Kits

Got your own Antibody?

Simply use our universal pluriBead®.

pluriBead® Universal


No Sample Preparation

Use 200 µl - 45 ml sample without gradient centrifugation, erythrolysis etc.

Use any Sample Material

Whole blood, buffy coat, PBMC, secretion/excretion material, brain homogenate, spleen, liver etc.

High Range of Species

Isolate from human, mouse, rat, bovine, canine, sheep and more.

Fast Isolation

Starting from 5 minutes

Gentle Isolation

High yield of viable cells minimizes sample requirement.

Universal pluriBeads

for use with any external antibody

Simultaneous Cell Isolation with pluriBead Cascade

Separate two different cell types at the same time from one sample material

Sequential Cell isolation

Isolate up to 6 different targets from one sample.