The popular choice for robust and easy sample pre-filtration.

Available in 17 mesh sizes

1 µm

5 µm

10 µm

15 µm

20 µm

30 µm

40 µm

50 µm

60 µm

70 µm

85 µm

100 µm

150 µm

200 µm

300 µm

400 µm

500 µm

Feature-rich and robust

pluriStrainer cell strainer

Attach pluriStrainer® to a sterile 50 ml centrifuge tube. Then, add sample material onto the strainer and filter sample

pluriStrainer cell strainer reversed

To obtain the larger fraction, take off the pluriStrainer®, turn it upside down onto another 50 ml tube and flush back the sample.

pluriStrainer cell strainer

Increase sample load
With Funnel you can add up to 24 ml sample material on top.

pluriStrainer cell strainer

Stacking of pluriStrainer® with different mesh sizes allows for straining various cell sizes at the same time.

pluriStrainer cell strainer with connector ring

Flow control
Allows to control the rate of flow by opening or closing the Luer-Lock, e.g. for physical dissociation of primary tissue (brain, spleen etc.).

pluriStrainer cell strainer with connector ring and syringe

Low pressure
If you add a syringe to the Connector Ring, it is possible to force low pressure to support the straining of rough sample material while pulling the piston.



  • Obtaining of real single cell suspension after enzymatic digestion of mammary tissue and organoids
  • Enrichment of specific target cells in combination with our pluribead cell isolation technology
  • Obtaining of cells from bone marrow, pancreas, thymus or lymph nodes
  • Remove of coagulum from whole blood or buffy coat
  • Filtration of primary cells from cell culture
  • Cleaning and enrichment of cell aggregates or spheroids
  • Preparation of real single cell suspension for flow cytometry
  • Preparation of real single cell suspension for enrichment with magnetic cell separation
  • Alternative to Gauze filtration
  • Enrichment of plant seeds
  • Filtration of urine, sputum or lavage
  • Enrichment of parasite eggs

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  1. pluriStrainer® 1 µm (Cell Strainer)
    pluriStrainer® 1 µm (Cell Strainer)
  2. pluriStrainer® 5 µm (Cell Strainer)
    pluriStrainer® 5 µm (Cell Strainer)
  3. pluriStrainer® 10 µm (Cell Strainer)
    pluriStrainer® 10 µm (Cell Strainer)
  4. pluriStrainer® 15 µm (Cell Strainer)
    pluriStrainer® 15 µm (Cell Strainer)
  5. pluriStrainer® 20 µm (Cell Strainer)
    pluriStrainer® 20 µm (Cell Strainer)
  6. pluriStrainer® S / 30 µm (Cell Strainer)
    pluriStrainer® S / 30 µm (Cell Strainer)
  7. pluriStrainer® 40 µm (Cell Strainer)
    pluriStrainer® 40 µm (Cell Strainer)
  8. pluriStrainer® 50 µm (Cell Strainer)
    pluriStrainer® 50 µm (Cell Strainer)
  9. pluriStrainer® M / 60 µm (Cell Strainer)
    pluriStrainer® M / 60 µm (Cell Strainer)
  10. pluriStrainer® 70 µm (Cell Strainer)
    pluriStrainer® 70 µm (Cell Strainer)
  11. pluriStrainer® 85 µm (Cell Strainer)
    pluriStrainer® 85 µm (Cell Strainer)
  12. pluriStrainer® 100 µm (Cell Strainer)
    pluriStrainer® 100 µm (Cell Strainer)
  13. pluriStrainer® 150 µm (Cell Strainer)
    pluriStrainer® 150 µm (Cell Strainer)
  14. pluriStrainer® 200 µm (Cell Strainer)
    pluriStrainer® 200 µm (Cell Strainer)
  15. pluriStrainer® 300 µm (Cell Strainer)
    pluriStrainer® 300 µm (Cell Strainer)
  16. pluriStrainer® 400 µm (Cell Strainer)
    pluriStrainer® 400 µm (Cell Strainer)
  17. pluriStrainer® 500 µm (Cell Strainer)
    pluriStrainer® 500 µm (Cell Strainer)
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