Products for cell isolation - Kits, buffers and consumables for life science research

Kits, Buffers and Consumable for Life Science Research
Cell Separation
Cell separation products for positive and negative cell isolation. Directly from whole blood, buffy coat, PBMC and other samples.
Cell Strainer
Cell and Sample Strainers for nearly any filtration need. Available in 19 mesh sizes and for many tube sizes. MADE in Germany.
Density Gradient Centrifugation
Density gradient media and centrifugation tubes for the isolation of PBMC (peripheral blood mononuclear cells - containing lymphocytes and monocytes), granulocytes, platelet or monocytes with consistent and viable results.
Media & Buffer
Buffer for cell separation and cell culture, e.g. BSA-, EDTA-, PBS- stock solutions, Erytrocyte lysis buffer.
Consumables all around cell culture, cell analysis and liquid handling.
Unique mixing device, universal magnetic racks for most common tube sizes