Connector Ring

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The Connector Ring is a sterile device to support active filtration, cell detachment, cell lysis or cell stimulation in combination with a pluriStrainer and a 50ml standard (conical) centrifuge tube. pluriStrainer, Connector Ring and a 50ml tube can be combined to a unit. This unit allows for a controlled flow through the sieve. When the Luer-lock of the Connector Ring is closed, sample or liquid remains on the sieve. An open Luer-lock starts the separation or the filtration process.


pluriStrainer 30 µm, Connector Ring and a 50 ml centrifuge tube combined to a unit. The Connector allows to control the flow 	through the cell strainer.

Flow control
Allows to control the rate of flow by opening or closing the Luer-Lock, e.g. for physical dissociation of primary tissue (brain, spleen etc.).

Using a syringe connected to the Luer-Lock of the Connector enables a active filtration when the filter is blocked.

Low pressure
If you add a syringe to the Connector Ring, it is possible to force low pressure to support the straining of rough sample material while pulling the piston.


The Connector Ring enables:

  • Detachment of the targets from pluriBeads directly on the pluriStrainer
  • Lyses of cells to extract cell specific RNA, DNA or proteins directly on the pluriStrainer
  • Controlled flow through the cell strainer with a pump device or pipette
  • Preparation of a single cell suspension from tissue and other materials
  • Fast filtration of large volumes with efficient recovery rate.

More Information

More Information
Size25 pcs.
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Shipping ConditionRoom Temperature
Storage ConditionRoom Temperature
Regulatory StatementFor research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures,

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