pluriMate II - 15ml centrifuge tube

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pluriMate II with incorporated barrier at the bottom to support density gradient centrifugation.
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pluriMate® II was developed for optimal separation of leukocytes and peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) from whole blood and bone marrow. The key feature of pluriMate® II is the mesh supported barrier incorporated at the bottom of the centrifuge tube. It prevents you from time-consuming and laborious overlaying of the sample material. Anticoagulated blood or bone marrow can simply be poured directly from the blood sampling tube into the pluriMate® II tube. The barrier prevents mixture of the sample material with the separation me- dium. During the centrifugation the white blood cells (on the basis of their density) are separated depending on the used density gradient medium (Leuko Spin, PBMC Spin, PLT Spin etc.) and will be enriched above the mesh supported barrier and the separation medium. When the separation is complete, the barrier prevents a contami- nation of the enriched cell fraction during harvest with unwanted cells.


Protocol for the use of pluriMate® centrifuge tubes

Use in combination with density gradient media.

Fill in sample material

Before centrifugation

After centrifugation

Remove plasma

Collect cells

Find more information in the pluriMate® protocol.

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