pluriStrainer Mini 1 µm (membrane, 5 pcs.)

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Multi-purpose membrane strainer for use with smaller tube sizes.
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Membrane Filter

Membrane filters have a well-defined pore size exclusion limit (available with 1, 3, 5 & 8 μm pores), allowing for precise filtration and detection of very small particles.

The membranes are non-hygroscopic (optimal for sample recovery), have low non-specific protein binding (reduces sample loss in protein-containing samples), are biologically inert, non-cytotoxic, and have excellent chemical and temperature resistance.

The membrane filters can be used for example in biological or gravimetric analysis, cytology, parasitology or in environmental analyzes.

Sterilizeable: Yes, 70% Ethanol, Autoclave, Gamma Irradiation


Fits into multiple tube sizes

pluriStrainer Mini cell strainer fits into various tube sizes

Left to right: 15 ml conical centrifuge tubes, blood collecting tube, flow cytometry (FACS™) tube, 3 ml tube, 2 ml cryo tube, 5 ml conical tube screw cap, 5 ml reaction tube snap cap, 2 ml reaction tube, 1.5 reaction tube, 48 well plate, 24 well plate


  • Obtaining a real single cell suspension after digestion of mammary tissue and organoids
  • Preparation of a single cell suspension of blood cells from bone marrow, pancreas, thymus, lymph nodes and others
  • Dissociation of cells from other primary tissue
  • Preparation of real single cell suspension for flow cytometry(FACS™)

More Information

More Information
Delivery Time (days)1-2
Size5 pcs.
Flow ControlNo
Mesh Size1 µm
Mesh FixationInjected in housing for strong hold
Fabric materialPET (Polyethylenterephthalat)
Housing MaterialPP (Polypropylene)
Fits into1.5 ml reaction tube 2.0 ml reaction tube FACS™ tube Cryo vials 5 ml / 10 ml reaction tube with lid 5 ml / 10 ml reaction tube with screw cap 14- 15 ml conical centrifuge tube 24 well plate 48 well plate
HandlingGripping surface enables easy and aseptic handling.
Packaging5 pcs. (5 pcs. / Bag) - The tube for flow cytometry is not included.
Comparable withCorning Cell Strainer EASYstrainer™ Cell Sieve Falcon™ Cell Strainer Reversible™ Strainer MACS® SmartStrainer MACS® Pre-Separation Filters
StabilityRLT® Buffer TRIzol® isopropanol organic solvents
Tissue DissociationYes
Shipping ConditionRoom temperature
Storage ConditionRoom temperature
Regulatory StatementFor research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures
Legal informationBuffer RLT® is a trademark of Qiagen TRIzol® is a trademark of Molecular Research Center Inc. FACS™ is a trademark of BD Biosciences Corning is a registered trademark of Corning Inc.; EASYstrainer™ is a registered trademark of Greiner Bio One International GmbH Falcon™ Cell Strainers is a registered trademark of Corning Inc.; MACS® SmartStrainer is a registered trademark of Miltenyi Biotec GmbH

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