pluriSpin® Human PLT Depletion (2 ml)

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Depletion of human platelets from whole blood for PBMC preparation
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pluriSpin® Human PLT Depletion is designed to isolate pure, viable and untouched platelets-low population from whole blood, buffy coat, cord blood or similar sample material by negative isolation. The product labels Platelets, while the isolated human platelets-low population are left in the sample. When centrifuged over a density medium. The unwanted cells pellet along with the RBCs. The purified platelets-free population are present as a highly enriched population at the interface between the plasma and the density medium.

Problems with platelet contamination

  • Reduce purity of enriched cells in fresh blood and even more if the blood sample is older than 8 hours.
  • To prevent platelet activation samples containing platelets should be handled gently
  • Platelets disturb your cell culture by taking space and setting free growth factors and other mediators
  • Platelets can create cell clumps
  • Platelets are sticky and can easily bind to other cells (i.e. monocytes, eosinophils)
  • Platlets can affect FACS analysis and cause large variation of DNA content

Solution and advantages with pluriSpin® Human PLT Depletion

  • Depletion without the use of beads
  • Increases purity of enriched cells through a density gradient centrfugation in one step
  • Can be combined with negative separation technniques such as pluriSpin®
  • Rare cell enrichment will be improved (e.g. in use with pluriSpin® CD45 Depletion)
  • Minimum manipulation of blood sample due to shorter centrifugation step (compared to standard protocol with platelet density gradient)
  • Cell enrichment from blood samples older than 8 hours will be improved

More Information

More Information
Size2 ml
Delivery Time (days)1-2
Cell TypesPlatelets
Sample MaterialWhole Blood, PBMC, Buffy Coat, Cord Blood, Bone Marrow, Primary Cell Solution
Storage Condition4-8 °C
Regulatory StatementFor research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures,


Cells enriched with PBMC without PLT Depletion
Fig. 1 - PBMC
Cells enriched with PBMC Spin Medium with 10 µm/ml PLT Depletion
Fig. 2 - PBMC with 10 µl PLT Depletion
Cells enriched with PBMC Spin Medium with 20 µm/ml PLT Depletion
Fig. 3 - PBMC with 20 µl PLT Depletion
Cells enriched with PBMC Spin Medium with 40 µm/ml PLT Depletion
Fig. 4 - PBMC with 40 µl PLT Depletion
Cells enriched with PBMC Spin Medium with 60 µm/ml PLT Depletion
Fig. 5 - PBMC with 60 µl PLT Depletion

Combine with pluriSpin

Increase purity of isolated cells by combining pluriSpin® Human PLT Depletion and other pluriSpin® products.

pbmc with platelet contamination
pluriSpin® Human Monocyte Enrichment

pbmc after platelet depletion
pluriSpin® Human Monocyte Enrichment & pluriSpin® Human PLT Depletion